From legal compliance through to significantly reduced maintenance costs, Thermal Imaging should be an integral part of your maintenance management.

Thermal Imaging works by identifying problem areas of heat loss which emit infra-red radiation. These “hot spots” of radiation cannot be seen with the naked eye but are obvious when using electrical Thermal Imaging technology. This technology provides invaluable ability to spot major electrical issues before they become a problem. As such, many businesses are incorporating Thermographic Surveys as an integral part of maintenance management programmes.

The business benefits of using Thermal Imaging include:

  • Identifying problem spots quickly and more accurately
  • Improved predictive and pre-emptive maintenance to find a fault before it happens.
  • Greater mean time between failures
  • Increased efficiency and productivity
  • Reduced breakdowns and stoppages
  • Reduced maintenance repair costs and production losses
  • Improves business insurance premiums
  • Legal compliance
  • Reduced risk of fire/shock caused by electrical faults

Insurance companies are increasingly requiring Thermographic Surveys of electrical systems, prior to providing cover to businesses in the commercial sector. This means some potential insurance risks can be identified, effectively reducing the risk of the insurer having to pay out on a claim, thereby improving the business cover and premiums.

The technology also assists businesses in complying with legal requirements of the Electricity at Work regulations by complementing the Electrical Inspection and Condition Report (EICR), and helping to prove the safety of electrical systems and reducing the risk of fire or shock caused by faulty electrics.

With the significant benefits thermal technology brings, can your business afford not to take advantage of this service?