Future proof your temperature systems by implementing an intuitive control monitoring system.

Perfect for interface with a variety of HVACR (heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration) and BMS (building management system) devices. Connect your control system to your desktop using the latest technology and cloud framework to help you easily manage critical applications.

Data management features include:

  • Remote Access – No need to be in the refrigeration plant area to spot or diagnose a problem. Desktop access to the control system will provide an elegant and efficient solution.
  • Desktop Application – The system communicates effectively with easy-to-use downloadable desktop software. 
  • Energy Saving – Having management system in place provides opportunities for energy conscious organisations to ensure that cost efficiencies are being generated and maintained.
  • Add-on Modules – Adapt your system to match the requirements of your project / installation with accessories designed to expand your control.

Having ultimate control of your systems at the touch of a button, will mean your business will be able to monitor issues and resolve them quickly and also improve efficiency and costs.

Our teams will work with you to give you the expert advice and installation service you need to effectively control your cooling systems.

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