As a business, what do you consider to be the main qualities to look for when choosing an electrical contractor?

We have put together a useful selection of tips to consider when you make your final decision on installation or maintenance projects.

Quality vs Price

Don’t be misled by businesses who undercut on price but can’t actually deliver on the project.

Whether the project is large or small, you may end up paying the price for shoddy workmanship and re-work by another firm.

Always consider whether your shortlisted companies have a proven track record, references or feedback on social media, a considered proposal or even detailed analysis of your requirements at the initial introduction. This can indicate if the contractor knows what they are talking about and whether they will deliver what they say they will.

The quote may be a bit more expensive, but you’ll be more satisfied with the outcome.

One-Stop Solution – Design AND Build

On many larger installation projects, it is always beneficial to consider a contractor that can not only fit and maintain the installation but design it too.  This way you are not looking at a dis-jointed approach to your project and can rely on one point of contact to discuss your requirements and project planning.

This not only removes pressure from the Project Manager/ Planner as they have less businesses to manage (and can rely on one business to self-manage), but also removes pressure from the project, knowing the whole solution is being thought through by everyone involved.

Recognised for Best Practice…

Is the electrical service regulated and marked against industry standards?  Check for ISO9001, NICEIC, ECA, CHAS and Construction Line, to name a few.

This shows a company is committed and approved for excellence and delivering professional expertise.

Reliable and Responsible

Look out for a contractor who can deliver a quality project in the time-frame specified. Customer reviews and testimonials will indicate if there has historically been an issue.

A responsible contractor will take care over a project rather than just complete it.

Having a reliable and dependable service working for you will mean that you are more likely to be happy with the service provided because there’s an assurance you’ll get what you expect, when you expect it, in the way you expect it.

Social Presence

Does the company have web/ social media presence? Is there an easy point of contact should you wish to get in touch. Some maintenance businesses will provide 24 hour, out of hours support. Consider this if your project requires a quick turn-around.

You can also sometimes find out a bit more about the company reputation, ethos and standards through news stories/ blogs, current customers, alliances and customer reviews.