Ayjay Group are committed to managing and controlling our activities that have an environmental impact. We work towards specific requirements to ensure our business is environmentally friendly.

Having standards that we work towards, helps identify areas within our processes that can be adjusted to proactively show environmental best practice. Managing our environmental responsibilities in this way, saves money by increasing efficiency and provides a benchmark for improvements within the business.

Activities we take in to consideration include: use of chemicals, hazardous materials, treatment of waste, noise and other nuisances, conservation of resources, including energy, water and raw materials. We also carry out a COSHH assessments on all equipment/products used.

How we manage waste:

Ayjay Group hold a waste disposal license, supported by National Resource Wales. As a business we have certain responsibilities to comply to when dealing with waste disposal. At Ayjay Group, all waste is disposed of in an environmental way.

We also support some aspects of waste management in-house ourselves, by having a vertical cardboard baler (to crush cardboard material into dense bales, reducing volume by as much as 90%, for easier recycling of the large amount of cardboard we amass) and a compactor for general waste disposal (providing high levels of compaction, hygienic self-cleaning and a cleaner working environment).

Energy saving:

Ayjay Group comply to environmental standards for various reasons…

  • To demonstrate compliance with the current and future regulatory requirements.
  • To support our company reputation, as a business that encourages sustainability and environmental best practice.
  • To identify strategic business aims by incorporating environmental issues into business management.