Electric Vehicle Charging

Are you EV ready?

The electric vehicle (EV) market has grown considerably over the last 2 years and is expected to grow further as new makes and models of electric vehicles enter the market.

Ayjay Group EV division work throughout the UK, installing electrical charging stations, for a variety of customers across the market. Our engineers have extensive electrical knowledge, so we are able to provide comprehensive guidance and advice to each customer.

Benefits of electric vehicles to businesses and individuals:

o   Tax free motoring

o   Fuel benefit – Saving of £10 per 100 miles

o   Government grants – (Plugin Car Grant until 2018).

The Energy Vehicle Initiative has set a goal for 20 million EV vehicles to be on the road by 2020. According to Go Ultra Low (the joint government and car industry campaign for EV), sales were up year on year by 23%, with more than 115 electric cars registered every day in Q1 2016. This shows demand is growing.

What we can offer…

Ayjay Group can offer a complete package of installation and maintenance to look after all your EV needs.

Installation Service

We supply a full range of EV products to suit every location and budget, and are approved to install electric vehicle charge points for brands including Rolec and Chargepoint, both domestically and commercially.

Our customers can take comfort in the knowledge that all our engineers are trained to the highest standard. We offer:

o   Efficiency, Expertise and Professionalism

o   Multi-skilled Teams 

o   A Tailored Solution

Maintenance Service

Having a service to support every eventuality means businesses and individuals can rest assured their needs are met and their EV unit is being taken care of. For businesses in particular, having reassurance that there is round the clock support means the business will operate effectively with minimal disruption to the customer and employees.

Our service includes:

o   24/7 Call-out

o   Re-active and Planned Maintenance Plans

o   A dedicated customer service team 

Product Information

The product ranges we install are built to be flexible and compatible with all leading motor manufacturer’s EVs and their communication protocols, including all types of modes of charging. Each product range includes wall mounted or pedestal options, to suit your location requirements.

We currently install two different brands of charging units, which include:

Rolec – (www.rolecserv.com/ev-chargingClick here for unit specifications

Chargepoint – (www.chargepointservices.co.ukClick here for unit specifications

The EV charging process is regulated by the IEC 61851 and IEC 62196 international standards. These standards define the different charging modes and the type of connection required to charge EVs.


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