AF Blakemore & Sons is food retail, wholesale distribution company. The company was established in 1917, and initially started as a counter service grocery store by Arthur Blakemore and his wife.

The company is still owned by the family as of 2018. It now has over 8,000 employees, over 300 different locations and is the largest SPAR distribution centre in the UK.  The company’s headquarters are based in the West Midlands.


Location: Pontyclun Client: AF Blakemore Ltd Duration: -

The client was struggling to find a suitable contractor to design and install a large loading bay area for ambient and chilled goods. The requirement was to deliver a large but efficient refrigeration plant which was understood the need for additional loads and goods and was designed specifically to anticipate the business use.


Ayjay Group and CB Refrigeration held serval joint meetings with the customer to discuss the most effective solution against the brief. We supplied accurate plant CAD drawings, which was the most efficiently designed fit for purpose plan and a realistic quotation, which won the customers trust. As part of our delivery we also suggested energy efficient technologies, adopted and embraced by the customer.


  • Fully designed refrigeration system, using UK based Arctic Circle plant, with industrial Searle Dual Discharge Coolers.
  • Installed air-curtains to increase efficiency.
  • Installation of Resource Data Management monitoring system – which offered the client control at the touch of a button. Allowing them to monitor issues and quickly resolve them.
  • Installation of the mains distribution system for the new plant.
  • LED lighting solutions