AF Blakemore & Son Ltd are a food retail, wholesale distribution company, employing over 7,000 employees, over 260 different locations across England and Wales and is the largest SPAR wholesaler in the UK. The company’s portfolio of brands also includes Philpotts, a chain of prepared-food stores, and Vegan Store, a specialist online wholesaler and retailer.

A.F. Blakemore is a member of the Unitas Wholesale and Country Range groups and is a significant supplier to the independent grocery sector as well as pubs, restaurants and caterers across the UK.


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Location: Pontyclun Client: AF Blakemore & Son Ltd

Ayjay Group were appointed to review and update the current lighting provision throughout the site – warehouse, distribution (ambient/ chilled and frozen), office and recreational areas.

The project involved:

  1. – Lighting Efficiency Audit – Hotspots and issues identified and tested throughout the building.
  2. – Report & Recommendations – Lux level lighting report and product recommendations suitable for each area.
  3. – Pre-works – We assessed the existing electrical infrastructure to ensure compliance with BS7671, prior to the upgrading works.
  4. – Installation – Install quality replacement light fittings and PIR/ Occupancy sensors suitable to each area.
  5. – Completion – Provide a full report to customer, highlighting increase in lux levels, decrease in energy consumption and expected ROI. 

Mindful of each application, our team assessed the lighting requirement and installed lighting solutions and controls to purpose fit each environment.

  1. – Using specialist software, we designed a lighting scheme for each area, outlining product options including suitable luminaires and sensors.
  2. – Installation of intelligent controls throughout the building to provide a cost-effective and energy efficient solution.
  3. – For chilled and frozen areas, light fittings were chosen to introduce minimal heat gain, which in turn, reduces load on the refrigeration system.
  4. – Correct disposal of waste following WEEE Regulations.


All light fittings installed were high efficiency and long life of 40,000h.

LED lights have less heat load in refrigerated areas so will help reduce refrigeration running costs. LED panels fitted in office and recreational areas were supplied with flicker-free drivers, suitable for users who require high quality lighting to maintain well-being.

For further efficiency, PIR sensors were installed, some with remote control for stand-by dimming and daylight threshold.


The operation was complex, therefore working together positively with the customer was essential and the success of this project was based on this. We were able to establish great communication and work together on joint solutions to effectively address unforeseen issues.

Significant energy cost savings were achieved for the customer whilst elevating lighting levels.

The increase in lighting levels has also improved safety for employees, especially in areas with operational fork trucks.

With excellent knowledge of warehouse storage and logistics business requirements, we were able to deliver:

  1. – Expert Recommendations – We select products based on requirement rather than standard.
  2. – ROI – The cost of investment in replacing old equipment will payback in energy savings.
  3. – Delivered Ahead of Schedule – Working effectively meant we delivered ahead of the program timescale.
  4. – Limited Disruption – Good working practices and OOH working to minimise impact on the existing operations.
  5. – On-site Performance – Excellent product knowledge, health & safety practices, communication and install timings. 


Energy Savings

The old light fittings were running at 73.696 KWh. With the new LED lighting installed, this significantly decreased to 39.72 KWh, with further savings due to the use of sensored fittings.

This means an increase in lighting levels (an average of 30% increase in lux levels and in areas with failed fittings up to a 100% improvement) but a decrease in energy used.

Good communication is the key to any successful works and we certainly received this. Thanks for an excellent install.

AF Blakemore Ltd

Energy Savings and Efficiency

We aim to provide each customer with effective, long-term, innovative lighting and control systems and quality electrical solutions that deliver efficiency, high-performance output and reliability.