Energy Solutions

What is Energy Efficiency/Energy Solutions?

Energy Efficiency/Energy Solutions is simple. Something is more energy efficient if it delivers more service for the same energy input, or the same service for less energy input.

Here at Ayjay Group our intentions are clear. With energy prices ever increasing we want to offer you various Energy Solutions to help reduce unnecessary costs…

We specialise in:

  • Power Factor Correction Surveys
  • Energy Efficient Lighting Schemes
  • Motor Control Systems including Inverter Drives
  • Control Systems for Existing Equipment
  • Installation of aM&T (automatic monitoring and targeting) Systems

Through continual training and development of our staff, investment in new technology, and ongoing research and promotion of new Energy Solution saving schemes, Ayjay Group strives to continually improve electrical Energy Services.

We are always here with a specialist team of engineers to help you with any questions or queries.

Ayjay Group tries to facilitate wherever possible, if there is a service you require, but don’t see it listed please Contact Us

Our engineers are fully conversant with Part L (revised 6th April 2010)