Our Business

The Start Of Ayjay Group…

In 1996 Jason Beament and Andrew Hall reached their full potential within an electrical services company and could no longer progress within these current positions.

After deliberation the pair decided to start an electrical contracting business of their own.  In November 1996 Ayjay Services starting trading.

How Ayjay Services Grew?

During their first year of trading Jason and Andrew worked towards establishing a credible company and through recommendation “Nidum Precision Tooling” offered Ayjay Services it’s first major contract, to undertake a factory rewire.  Winning this contract propelled the companies name into the industry.  Jason and Andrew were soon offered their next big contract by “Yuasa Battery”, which is the biggest battery manufacturer in the world!

As business took off Jason and Andrew moved to a professional unit and invested in their first apprentice. The Directors personally trained and provided the apprentice with the skills and qualifications necessary to become a qualified electrical contractor.

2001 Jason and Andrew employed a further 8 engineers, one of which being “Simon Beament”, Jason Beament’s younger brother.  Simon joined Ayjay Services as an experienced Contracts Manager.

Becoming Ayjay Group…

2006 was a particularly memorable year for Ayjay Services.  The business had become well known within the industry for their; reliability, specialised skills, hard work and customer focus.

As the business continued to grow the Directors re-branded as “Ayjay Group”.  Changing the name of the company enabled them to offer diverse key services.  By expanding Ayjay Group the Directors were able to invest in their very own unit situated on the Bedwas Industrial Estate where they still trade.

2008 Simon Beament was offered shares in the company, happily accepted and Ayjay Group went from two Directors to three.

The Future of Ayjay Group…

Ayjay Group proudly employs over 30 members of staff and has specialised trade sub contractors situated throughout the UK.

When the Directors were asked, “what are your future plans for Ayjay Group?” they answered…

“We would like to continue trading at this self imposed high standard, enjoy the success of the company, and would like to see our business continue to grow at a natural pace”.